Are operated through:
Ozotech West Europe e.K.
Franz-Michael Frhr. von Neveu
Hespengrund 11
77770 Durbach/Offenburg (Baden)
Telefon +49 171/4871919
Fax / Mailbox: +49 721 15 15 20 80 1

Representation justified manager:
Franz-Michael Frhr. von Neveu

Registered in the trade index- Abt. A - des Amtsgerichts Freiburg: HRA 700 485

Sales tax identification number in accordance with § 27 a sales tax laws: DE 223 661 415

Liability sow end

With judgment of the 12 May 1998, the regional court Hamburg decided that one has to answer for through the Ausbringung one to the left the contents of the gelinkten side where appropriate with. This only can be prevented - so the regional court - in that one dissociates himself specifically by these contents. We put on our pages to the left to other sides on the Internet. For all this to the left counts: We specifically would like to emphasize that we have no influence at all on the formation and the contents of the gelinkten sides. Therefore we dissociate ourselves with this specifically of all contents of all gelinkten sides on our homepages. This explanation applies to all on our homepages of available to the left and for all contents of the sides, to which the banners lead.

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