Micro-Max | #30308

• Ultra-reliable ceramic and stainless-steel
  CD technology – No plates to clog up or short out
• 100 mg/hr ozone output
• Attractive high impact aluminum enclosure
• 12 VDC, 320 ma
• Medium frequency, solid-state electronics
• Wall Mountable
• Quiet — 26 dba noise level fan

• Compact size, consistent ozone output,
  rugged enclosure and portability make
  this unit perfect for many applications.
• Compact size
• High reliability
• Lightweight and corrosion resistant
• Easy to service

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Application Include:

  Technical data:
Boat cabins for mold, mildew and odor — tobacco odors — Animal odors — fire restoration — restrooms — used car detailing — deodorize pet cages Power: 320 mA, 12 Volt DC
Weight: 1,8 Kg
Ventilator: 700 l /min
Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 6,5 (HxBxT - cm)
Sound: 26 dB
Color: Silver

Mini-Max | #30248

• Rugged powder-coated aluminum
  enclosure for commercial use
• Low 24 watt power consumption
• High reliability
• Lightweight and corrosion resistant
• Easy to service
• 500 mg/hr ozone output
• Variable or timed output

• Compact size, ideally for ­hotel/
  hotel room to that ­cleaning/sterilization
• to clean high profitability
• easy and corrosion steady
• easily
• C SHARPS are certifies 220 volts models

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  Technical data:  
Hotel room – Meeting Rooms – of houses – Apartments – of tobacco smells – animal smells – fire smell – formaldehyde smells – ammonia – chemical smells – veterinarian clinic Watts: 24 Watt
Turn-down: 0 bis 100%
Weight: 7,2 Kg
Ventilator: 3000 l/min
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 28 (HxBxT - cm)
Color: Black

Mega-Max | #30320

• Attractive high impact aluminum enclosure
• 2000 mg/hr ozone output
• No plates to clog up or foul - based
  on tubular technology
• 0-100% turn-down ratio for precise
  ozone level control
• Channeled air for optimum efficiency
• Plug & Play—no installation required
• “Cold Spark” CD Technology makes it
  the most reliable unit on the market!

• Fast distance of mold fungus/smells
  of all type
• perfectly to the fire rehabilitation
• easy weight
• corrosion steady
• easy services

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  Technical data:  
Hotel room – Meeting Rooms – of houses – Apartments – of tobacco smells – animal smells – fire smell – formaldehyde smells – ammonia – chemical smells – veterinarian clinic – etc. Watts: 95 Watt
Weight: 12,2 Kg
Ventilator: 3000 l/min
Dimensions: 60 x 25 x 25 (HxBxT - cm)
Turn-dow: 0 bis 100%
Color: Silver


• Directly connections
• stainless steel directions
• until anschließbar 8 cash water pressure
• exclusive "Delta Cell" highly frequency design
• start security
• ozone pure is added to H2O -
  no byproducts
• 20 Amp. securities
• rubber wheels easy carrier
• "exclusive" contact oxygen incorporated   configuration
• door security
• ozone destroyer
• flow inspection and temperature inspection
• concentration
• integrated of water-cooled ozone
  cell for long use times

To the chlorine distance
• removing you mold
• destroying you microbiological pollution,
  for example in the groceries preparation
  (fish, meat, wine etc.)
• Reduces the consumption of hot water,
  energy costs and renunciation of chemicals

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  Technical data:  

• Sanitize wine barrels and tanks
• Clean and deodorize floors, walls, restrooms,
  boot and bins
• Deodorize and cleanse produce trucks,
  cold storage rooms
• Clean-in-place system

Electricity consumption: 220 Volt / 50 Watt
Weight: 150 kg
Dimensions: 120 x 72 x 61 (HxBxT - cm)
Adjustable: 0 bis 100%
Color: Silver

Recommended Safety Option:
For safety reasons associated with ozone off-gas in the work area, it is highly recommended that an ambient ozone monitor be utilized during the ozone spray and microbial reduction phase.

Our Mobile Ozone Microbial Reduction Systems are designed to meet the requirements necessary for surface microbial
destruction within a myriad of applications. The use of ozone resistant materials throughout the system culminates in long-term reliability.
Ozotech, Inc. can expand or downgrade our systems to meet most any application or budget requirement.
Replacement parts are listed in the operation and maintenance manuals supplied with equipment.

“Low Cost” Flozone
Under-Sink POU System

• Stainless Steel corona discharge cell
• Multi-media blended filtration
• Solid-state electronics
• Simple under-the-sink installation
• Convenient, fashionable, long-neck faucet
  for dispensing ozonated water used
  for both rinsing and drinking
• “Power On” initiated when faucet is fully opened
• Extremely compact in size
• Convenient and easy filter replacement

• Consumes only a small amount of valuable
  space under the sink
• Highly concentrated dissolved ozone
  levels for effective microbiological reduction
  on sponges, wash cloths, countertops, dishes,
  fruits and vegetables
• No waste water
• Chemical free
• Oxygen enriched product water
• 12 VDC power source allows for optional
  use in RV’s and boats
• Removes the taste and odor of chlorine
• Removes musty, stale and metallic tastes
  and odors
• Removes rotten egg odor
• Dispenses almost one gallon per minute
  of water containing an ozone residual within
  the FDA recommended range for bottled water

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  Technical data:  
Household - kitchen - bathroom - drinking water in bottles

Weight: 2,5 Kilo
Dimensions: 25,4 x 27,9 H x 6,35
Color: Silver chrome
Flow: ca. 25 Liter per Minute by 50 psi
Daily capacity: 3800 Liter
Electricity consumption: 350 Milli-Ampere 12 Volt DC
Maximal and minimal water pressure:  85 psi Max
Entrance water cloudiness : 3 NTU’S (Normal cloudiness units) Maximum
Ozone-dosage: About 1.5 Gramme per meter cubic
Remaining ozone: 1 zu .4 mg/l at 50 psi typically

P3O3 / Poseidon

Easy ozone generator of that by the variable attitude aimed adjusted will can to its use in order to got exactly this ozone concentration how wished. The device with air compressor either becomes or without delivered

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  Technical data:  
Ice machines – whirlpool – drinking water provision motor homes/ on boats / navigating – water supply container – Ozonisieren of olive oil – Aquaristik - smell fight of hair dryer potassium tanks 1St Poseidon 12 volts without air pump
2nd P3O3 230 volts with air pump

Adjustable: 0 bis 100%
Color: Silver

“Aqua Renewal” Residential
Water Treatment System

• Fully pressurized system
• Pre-engineered for ease of installation
• Ozotech, Inc ozone and air prep equipment
• Designed to treat residential
• 120V 60 Hz standard voltage configuration
• Different packages to accommodate
  different flows and contaminant levels.
• Modernized appearance to give that
  “appliance look”.
• “PLUG & PLAY” Complete system
  with built-in retention and filtration
• Post Carbon Filtration
• Non-depleting filter media

• Eliminates pressure problems with
  venturi injectors
• Bottled water quality from every tap
• Chemical free
• Removes Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen
  Sulfide (rotten egg odor), Arsenic,
  and many other contaminants
• Food tastes better and clothes look brighter
• No more red or black stains in sinks,
  showers or toilets
•Removes chlorine and chlorine taste from
  city water
• Particulate removal to <5 ucron
• Compact design, takes up little floor space
• Kills bacteria, virus, protozoa, molds and fungi
• Works 3,125 times faster than chlorine
• Destroys biofilm in pipes
• Leaves beneficial minerals and levels
  of dissolved oxygen in the customers water
• Low maintenance

Ozone is approved by FDA, USDA and classified as an organic disinfectant. Ozone is granted the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status by the FDA

Core Equipment:
• OZ4PC10 or OZ1BTU ozone generator
• Heat-regenerative IQ series air dryers
• Properly sized & biased venturi injector
  for optimum mass transfer
• Booster pump
• Contact tank
• Filter tank

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  Technical data:  
House, workshop, garden, own water supply, etc. - - - - - -
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